christian coaching, Insecurity

The Wall of Shame

How we view ourselves often keeps us separated from other people. We often believe that our insecurity affects no one but ourself but in reality it builds a wall. When we do not realize our worth we have a difficult time letting people in and we will settle for fake relationships. Real relationships happen when we are real about who we are and connect with another real person. We are not intended to stay in our insecure state. Staying in this place can reek all sorts of havoc on the body. I often hear the argument that “we are all insecure” I am one who usually inserts because we choose to stay that way. If we have a perpetual place of insecurity that consumes our life it is important to secure that area in our lives. This can be done through changing the way we think, beginning to see ourselves how Christ views us and surrounding our lives with people who love us in a real way. Depending on where you are in your struggle a counselor or life coach is a great person to help you work on your areas of insecurity. Once you begin to embrace who you are and how God made you those areas of insecurity lose power. When those moments of insecurity attempt to pop up you can knock them out with truth! You are worthy of love because of Christ and you were created with a purpose! Go be AMAZING!