parent coaching


Why set goals?

It is easy to just go through life aimless and without purpose. When you begin to set goals it provides direction. Often people feel overwhelmed at goal setting and are unsure about what goals they should set. A great place to start is looking at areas of your life that you would like to grow in or areas that you find yourself struggling to move past. An example might be working on connecting with your children more. Now that the goal has been set the next important step is to create a plan on how to reach the goal. This is where the work comes in. It is often easy to set a goal but coming up with a plan to meet the goal is where the struggle comes in. Picture the goal as the end destination and the plan are the roads that a person takes to get there. Continuing with our goal some of the steps would be finding out what your children enjoy. The next step might be putting aside time to spend with each child. This would be a purposeful time through out the week to get to know your child. Another step would be to learn how to listen to your child. This could be done by sharing a special meal with each child and entering into conversation to find out what your child is thinking. The great aspect of using a coach through the process is there is accountability, someone who can provide encouragement and help you to assess all areas of your life that growth might be beneficial.